Bharti AXA Life Insurance Customer Care | Bharti AXA Life Insurance

Bharti Axa Life Insurance Customer Care | Bharti AXA Life Insurance

Bharti Exabima Company Private Limited is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises, which holds 74% stake, and AXA Group, which holds 26% stake. They are one of the largest providers of life insurance in India. The company is based out of Mumbai and its distribution network is spread across around 123 cities across India.

Bharti Axa Life Insurance Customer Care Company Limited / Customer services 1800 103 2292

Bharti Exa Life Insurance

Bharti Axa Life Insurance Limited is a joint venture between Paris-headquartered insurance MNC (Axa Group) and Indian conglomerate Bharti Enterprises. It was established in 2006 and offers a wide range of insurance products to its customers. Based on the regulatory framework set for insurance companies, AXA holds a 49% stake, while Bharti holds a majority stake of 51% in the joint venture.

Providing security, savings, investment, health and group plans, Bharti Axa Life Insurance Company has 263 offices spread across 123 cities in India and has issued 17,70,000+ policies. Bharti Enterprises has a diverse portfolio of operations located outside Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region

Key Features of Bharti Axa Life Insurance | Bharti AXA Life Insurance

Bharti Axa Life Insurance provides an affordable way to protect your family after you. It is important that you choose the right insurer and the right plan that best suits your family’s potential needs. Therefore, before choosing any life insurance company, you need to check some important factors of the insurance company like claim settlement ratio, solvency ratio, annual premium and operating network.

To get more information about Bharti Axa Life Insurance Company’s performance, take a look at the key features below which will help you analyze the company’s performance

Benefits of Bharti Axa Insurance Company

During difficult times in the family, people want to trust an insurance company that is efficient and provides hassle-free services and support. Bharti Axa Life Insurance offers a variety of benefits to its consumers

  • Reliable and hassle free claim settlement
    Claim settlement ratio of Bharti AXA Life Insurance is the best in the country. At an impressive 99.05%, this is one of the healthiest claim settlement ratios and the highest among insurance companies.
  • 24*7 customer service
    Bharti Axa engages with its customers through various channels, including phone, email and social media, which assures prompt response regardless of the severity of their queries.
  • A variety of options
    Bharti Axa Life Insurance recognizes the different needs of every individual and therefore provides a range of options. In addition, there are several types of riders available to supplement your term insurance coverage.
  • Long coverage
    You can choose term insurance plans with long coverage options, which offer life cover up to the age of 85 years, and you can also get whole life insurance up to the age of 99 years.
  • Affordable term plan
    Bharti Exa’s modest premiums ensure that they fit into your budget.

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Bharti Axa Life Insurance Online Payment | Bharti AXA Life Insurance Premium Payment

Paying the insurance decoration is no more a solicitude as MobiKwik has banded with Bharti AXA for furnishing Bharti AXA life insurance online payment installation. You can pay for the Bharti AXA insurance within a matter of a many seconds on our website and platform. The stoner interface of MobiKwik is simple and accessible for an ordinary stoner. You can also pay for different insurance providers like ICICI Prudential, Tata AIA, Birla Sun Life and Tata AIA life Insurance decoration on our platform.

 You can now make Bharti AXA decoration payment from the place and time of your convenience. You can also mileage the payment installation without any redundant charges from our platform. You just have to follow three simple way for making Bharti AXA decoration payment after completing one- time signupprocess.Choose Bharti AXA as your insurance provider.

  • Enter the policy number.
  • Enter the date of birth.
  • You can do with the payment after you have completed the three- step process. You can pay with
    your Credit/ disbenefit card or Net Banking.


Bharti AXA life insurance online payment is anymore secure & safe on MobiKwik. All the online payments that you make on our platform are reused through the loftiest situations of security. The life insurance payment can be made throughe-wallet installation available on MobiKwik along with other payment options. In case of any query, you can communicate the MobiKwik drivers through correspondence or helpdesk service. You’ll be streamlined with proper guidance and way to break your query. therefore, MobiKwik is safe and hassle free option to pay Bharti AXA life insurance decoration online.


The Bharti AXA life insurance decoration payment offers on our platform provides the druggies with instigative deals. Bharti AXA life insurance online payment includes cashback offer like Super Cash. On the first online sale, the stoner can mileage up to 50 of SuperCash in theire-wallet. 

You can discover different insurance plans suitable for your conditions along with the insurance payment offers that are applicable on your named plan. also, you can mileage colorful tickets and validations to get fresh reduction on different marketable platforms. Hence, MobiKwik is one of the most favored platforms for making insurance decoration payment along with instigative deals and offers.

Bharti Axa Life Insurance online payment : policy  , policy-premium

Now you will get health policy and all related information on WhatsApp

health policy and all related information on WhatsApp

Utility desk. Insurance company Bharti Axa General Insurance is now sending policy and renewal premium to customers through WhatsApp. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the company said that it has started providing policy documents, renewal notices and claim intimation to customers through a WhatsApp chatbot where customers can submit requests by giving numerical input.

The company introduced a chatbot

  • The company said that as part of its innovative strategy, WhatsApp Chatbot has been introduced which, apart from its various channels, is an instant and additional customer service option for policyholders, which includes a network of branches, a customer care and contact center and a dynamic portal.
  • Apart from receiving policy documents and renewal notices in real time from the chatbot, customers can also register motor claims and check the status of the claim. Its branch locator feature helps in finding the nearest branch of the company. Customers have to give a missed call to 8505883311 to initiate WhatsApp support and update.
  • Any customer can get answers to all their questions on WhatsApp from Chatbot. Apart from this, information related to the new policy will also be available on this platform.

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